Wednesday, September 24, 2008

5 Reasons Why We Love Automated Backups

Don't Wait -- Automate!

Are you sure your backups are actually working?

There's one way to find out if your backups are uncorrupted and fully functional -- try doing a full system restore of them. A number of our clients believed they could rely on their backups until we put those backups to the test.


Even though automated backups are a set-and-forget, virtually problem-free solution for protecting data, many businesses still do their backups by hand because switching over to an automated system is just another task on a long and growing list.


More often that not, doing backups on your own means you're not following a set schedule -- you just do it when you (or whoever's responsible for running backups) remember to. Backing up is time consuming and tedious and really one of those tasks that computers were made for anyhow. Let's run down the list of reasons why you should automate your backups if you haven't already:


1. They're regular. Set the schedule and you're good to go -- no more worrying about who's responsible for the backups this week, no more wondering if they remembered to do the backups before they went on vacation, no more putting them off if you're too busy.


2. They're accurate. You don't have to worry about human error, like accidentally saving over data you wanted to preserve, or backing up the wrong files.


3. They're easy. Once you've set up your backup schedule, you'll never have to do it again. And if you sign up for CMIT's Guardian service, we'll do all the setup for you.


4. They're reliable. That's the beauty of automation -- you can rely on your backups to run rain or shine, whether you remember them or not.


5. They're secure. Particularly if you back up to an offsite location, you don't have to worry about disk corruption, theft, or sabotage.


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