Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three Free Webinars from The Software Revitalist

Ellen DePasquale, the Software Revitalist, has announced three free webinars which she is hsoting next week. The topics are:
  • Controlling Your Inbox With Microsoft Outlook
  • Getting the Information You Need in Quickbooks
  • Prospecting in the Digital Age: Internet Search Tips
The webinars are November 2, 3 and 4thand you can register here.

With these, you get access to a bonus webinar: B2B Relationship Building Strategies.

All the webinars are one hour and packed with advice. Learn more at

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Excitement is in the Air with Windows 7 Launch

Reposting the following article from CMIT Solutions of Denver. Visit their website at


October 22nd is fast approaching and with it comes the launch of Microsoft's newest - and perhaps best yet - operating system (OS) - Windows 7!

I have not been talking it up with my clients or prospects to the extent it deserves. For months I have received news and information from my colleagues at Microsoft about Windows 7 and have heard from my team of techs at the Denver office that it is great.

Well, another confirmation came last week (10/8/09) from a source that is usually not so "high" on Microsoft's operating systems. The Wall Street Journal and the author of the article, Walter S. Mossberg, gave this new OS a stellar review. Below are some excerpts and paraphrased thoughts from Mr. Mossberg.

"While XP works well for many people, it is relatively weak in areas such as security, networking and other features..."

".., I believe it is the best version of Windows Microsoft has produced. It's a boost to productivity and a pleasure to use."

"Windows 7 introduces real advances in organizing your programs and files,... It removes a lot of clultter. And it mostly banishes Vista's main flaws -..."

"In recent years, I, like many other reviewers, have argued that Apple's Mac OS X operating system is much better than Windows. That's no longer true."

Without going into detail on each new or enhanced feature, here is a quick list of some of Windows 7's new features:

New Taskbar
File Organization
Compatibility with 3rd party software
System Requirements

You too have probably read or heard similar reviews from the media of recent and the next week and into 2010, you will undoubtedly learn more (first or second-hand) about Windows 7. When new hardware is being considered or how to enhance your existing hardware to increase productivity and user-friendliness, give us a jingle at 303-756-2648 or send me an email and we will answer your questions.

CMIT Solutions of Denver doesn't normally adopt a new OS version so quickly; however, with months of beta testing on our machines and conferring with our nationwide network of CMIT technicians and our partners at Microsoft (and even our competitors), we will recommend Windows 7 where it makes sense and ONLY with sound planning.