Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Changes to QuickBooks 2005 Support


Upgrade to QuickBooks 2008
to Keep QuickBooks Email

If you're still using QuickBooks 2005, now is a great time to upgrade to QuickBooks 2008. After May 31, you'll no longer be able to use QuickBooks Email with the 2005 version of this software.


QuickBooks’ maker, Intuit, is like a lot of other popular software manufacturers: it periodically phases out support for some of its oldest versions. That allows the company to concentrate its resources on supporting newer, more popular versions -- and, coincidentally, helps encourage customers still limping along with old versions to make the jump to the latest and greatest.


With support for QuickBooks 2005 Email being phased out, you will no longer be able to send sales receipts, credit memos, purchase orders, reports, or forms through QuickBooks. By upgrading to QuickBooks 2008, you'll be able to do all that and send Outlook or Outlook Express emails without ever leaving QuickBooks.


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