Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Backing Up and Protecting Valuable Business Data

Learn How to Protect Your Business-Critical Data from Outage, Sabotage, and Disasters

News stories about data loss and disaster recovery are usually pretty dramatic: they involve major government institutions or retailers, daring feats of identity theft, or massive natural disasters like fires, floods, or hurricanes.


The fact is, however, that small businesses suffer just as badly and just as often from data loss, and often for pretty mundane reasons. Imagine if a malfunctioning sprinkler system doused your office in several inches of water and ruined your electronic equipment. Imagine if a squirrel chewing through local power lines caused an outage on your block. Imagine if those tape backups you thought were working had actually quit six months ago, or that new external hard drive got corrupted by a virus.


Small businesses that rely on customer records, email archives, databases, and other information stored on their computer systems can’t afford an outage or downtime. And yet for many, a truly reliable way to back up and protect data seems too expensive or too complicated to implement.


We recently held a teleseminar on disaster recovery and data protection strategies for small businesses -- and we think it’s worth a listen. Click here to download a recording of CMIT Solutions President and CEO Jeff Connally sharing valuable tips and advice for small businesses looking for safe, economical ways to protect their data assets.


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