Tuesday, November 27, 2007

QuickTips on Preventative Maintenance

Banish the Blue Screen of Death with Preventative Maintenance

Yes, this is the "eat your vegetables" lecture where we explain why it's important to act on computer-related problems before they spiral out of control. Has your computer been running slowly lately? Are you getting strange error messages when you try certain operations? Don't wait for the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) to start thinking about patches, updates, and other routine maintenance tasks.

If you're waiting until something's broken until you fix it, you're already too late. Technology-related downtime means lost productivity, lost revenue opportunities, and increased IT expenses. And while we at CMIT Solutions love coming to the rescue in any computer emergency, the fact is that most "emergencies" don't have to happen. A little time and investment up front can save big expenses later on.

But it's a pain to sit down and make sure every computer on your network is patched and updated and current on licenses, right? You've got a busy life and a lot of more pressing concerns than installing the latest Internet Explorer update.

That's why you should look into a service that can perform monitoring and maintenance, nipping many of the most common network problems in the bud. A good, basic preventative maintenance program will include the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote remediation
  • Automatic software patches and updates
  • Virus and spyware detection and removal

Services like CMIT Marathon charge a low monthly rate that pales in comparison to what you'd otherwise spend on emergency IT calls. You can offload the burden of troubleshooting, securing, and maintaining your company's network and concentrate on the important things - like actually running your business.

For more information on CMIT Marathon, click here.

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