Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Managed Services for Small Business

It’s the core offering of CMIT and it’s been set up in a way that’s great for small businesses.

You know the break/fix model. Technology breaks, client calls a consultant, consultant fixes problem & bills for work. The problem with this is that the client and their trusted consultant are actually working at odds with each other. The consultant only makes money when the client’s technology breaks. There’s very little inspiration for the consultant to keep the client’s systems running efficiently.

The Managed Services model puts the technology expert and the client on the same team. The focus is on preventative maintenance, efficiency, stability and security. With the flat-rate model, it’s in both parties interest to keep the systems running as efficiently as possible. Problems mean downtime for the client and higher costs for the technologist.

Most small companies still think in terms of the break/fix model and because their consultant is usually a trusted party who’s never steered them wrong, there is very little reason for them to look at other solutions. But managed services can benefit both parties.

By using the economies of scale that the a CMIT home office can leverage, and passing those economies down to the individual franchisees, the clients can benefit from lower rates and better service levels which previously would have been accessible only to larger companies.

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