Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cheesy Holiday Poetry, IT Style

Twas the night of the deadline
The systems were choking
I had twelve programs open
My computer was smoking
Emails wouldn’t send
Excel wouldn’t add
My desktop had blue-screened
Someone stole my iPad
From down the hall “Just reboot it”
Someone shouted aloud
But there’s no server here
We had moved to the cloud
But then on my screen
The cursor did fly
A Log Me In session
It was the IT guy
He wiped out the virus
And patched Windows 7
Upgraded my iTunes
While Jobs smiled down from heaven
And I heard him tweet loudly
As he ended our call
“Whether Mac or PC
Happy Holidays to All”

1 comment:

Mike Bav said...

Love this!! My IT friends at USPC Net are going toa ppreciate this