Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Help Desk Services Can Reduce User Support Issues and Keep Your IT Staff Happy

What Can A Help Desk Do For Your Company?

What is a help desk?


A help desk is a staff of customer support engineers who are available to answer end-user questions and remotely resolve common IT problems. A help desk acts as a natural complement to existing IT staff by taking frequent user issues off their plate so that they can concentrate fully on more pressing problems.


In other words, a help desk reduces the burden of everyday user problems on your in-house staff, provides end-user support to employees, logs the calls for you, and escalates the issues they can’t resolve alone. Your technical staff can focus on projects and tasks that deliver more value to the business. 


How does a help desk work?


A good help desk works on both an inbound and an outbound basis. In other words, they aren’t just taking service calls – they’re actively reaching out to you to resolve issues.


PC users may frequently interrupt an in-house tech with issues the help desk could address. In this situation, the in-house tech can contact the help desk and ask them to reach out to the user. The help desk creates a ticket in their service desk management software and calls the user. That way it’s fully tracked and logged, but you don’t have to devote valuable time to resolving it.


What frequent user problems can a help desk address?

The CMIT Help Desk assists with tasks such as:

  • New email user setup
  • Network connection problems
  • Printer connection and setting problems
  • Software and new hardware configuration
  • Active Directory setup on servers

What’s the number one reason I might need a help desk?


Because a smart business manages its time – and its personnel – well. A help desk lets you make better use of your time while keeping your users supported, efficient, and productive.


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CMIT Help Desk said...

Wow, Evan, this is a great summary. We do work to reduce users' struggles with their immediate technical issues. Trends can point to solutions that can eliminate the issues all together. It's all about getting people back to work.