Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Helping Your Computer Beat the Summer Heat


Help Your Computer Stay Cool and Running Smoothly


It's summertime, and as the mercury starts to climb, warm temperatures can be harmful to more than just people. Your desktop computer may be at risk of overheating!


Many office buildings shut down their air conditioning on the weekends, which means it can get pretty warm in the office by Sunday night. If you've left your computer on -- a necessity in many office environments for a variety of reasons -- you can take some common-sense measures to keep your computer as cool as possible. Make sure it's situated in a well-ventilated place where the fan can circulate fresh air. Don’t shove it to the back of your desk or against a wall, which will prevent the fan from working properly, and don’t bury it under a mountain of paper, which can act as insulation keeping heat inside the CPU. Check the vent at the back occasionally to make sure it's not clogged or blocked with dust.


If you can't hear the fan running and your computer is very hot to the touch, you could be in the danger zone! Save all your work and shut down your computer so that a tech can investigate the problem before your hard drive overheats and stops functioning.


If you're signed up for CMIT Marathon, our managed services program, we can remotely monitor every hard drive in your office. If we spot a hard drive that's in danger of failing -- due to heat or other problems -- we'll first try to fix the problem remotely. If we can't, we'll send out a tech to investigate the issue on site and swap out your drive if necessary.


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